Humanities Program

This is an all-inclusive program that includes history, Bible, literature, language arts and more. At the high school level, this program comprises 4.5 credits: English, History, Bible, Foreign Language, and Rhetoric. The 2016-2017 year we are adding a 1/2-credit Health class at no extra charge.

Registration Fees

Early: $175 (by May 31) 
Regular: $200 (by July 15 
Late: $250 (after July 15) 
(Re-enrollment: $150 if before May 1)

The registration fee is non-refundable and is due with the Application. This fee includes all curriculum and workbooks. (Non-consumable textbooks used remain the property of the school.) Parents will NOT need to order any books. Some basic supplies will need to be purchased, for which a list will be provided (pencils, paper or composition books, etc.)


Tuition is divided over 9 months and is due the first week of each month of the school year (Sept. - May). A $15.00 late fee will be charged if tuition is not received by the 10th of the month. Once a student has begun the semester, parents are responsible for the financial obligation for the entire semester

1st child - $180/month
2nd child - $160/month
3rd child - $155/month
Each subsequent child is $155/month

Discount for Payment in Full

Save 10% by paying for humanities tuition in full by September 1. Total amounts are shown below:

1st child: $1458
2nd child: $1296
3rd child: $1256

Dual Enrollment

Humanities students adding up to 3 MOWR classes to their schedule:  
Pay regular Humanities tuition, plus $25 admin fee per semester

Full-time MOWR student:  
$300 ($150/semester) for exisiting students.
$400 ($200/semester) for new students.
*New students must also take at least one course per semester from Veritas.  

A La Carte Humanities Classes (for Dual Enrollment Students)
$50 per class per month, or $400/year  if paid in full by 9/1/18

Biblical Worldview
U.S. History
American Literature
Greek I or Greek II