How & What?

Veritas Classical Grammar School (grades 1-4)will emphasize student exposure to and comprehension of core knowledge in literature, writing, informal grammar, vocabulary, history, geography, and fine arts. The Veritas Grammar School curriculum incorporates methods developed by Charlotte Mason, including narration, memorization, picture study and sketching. Weekly assignments will guide the student and parents in preparation for the next week's class.

At Veritas Classical Preparatory School (grades 5-12), all subjects are taught from a distinctively biblical worldview. The curriculum integrates history (world and American), literature (classical, American, British), composition, grammar, study skills, logic, and critical thinking. Students will begin studying Latin, and at the high school level, will also study Greek for one year. Each week, the student will receive an assignment sheet delineating the work required in each subject area.


  • Humanities & Language Arts:

    Thursdays, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Math, Science & other Electives

    Mondays 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


We are accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. This accreditation will allow students who meet the academic requirements to qualify for the HOPE scholarship program of Georgia. The accreditation is also recognized by all colleges.


  • Assignment Sheets

     - Students will receive an assignment sheet each week. Parents are responsible for reviewing their child's work and signing the sheet to indicate completion.
  • Calendar

     - Classes typically begin the last week of August and end the third week of May. Classes will not be held the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Winter Break, and Spring Break.
  • Classroom Teachers

     - These individuals are qualified, experienced educators who have a strong biblical worldview. We hire men and women who are growing in their walk with Christ and who are passionate about teaching young people. A background check is part of the interview process.
  • Classroom Environment

     - The teacher will spend the day introducing the curriculum, reviewing assignments, explaining upcoming projects and dialoging with the students about the material. Students will have periodic test and/or quizzes on the curriculum.
  • Transportation

     - Veritas does not offer bus transportation. All families are expected to transport their own children to the campus. Parents are welcome to make their own arrangements to carpool with other participating families.
  • Car Pool Drop-off/Pick-up

     - All students should be dropped off 5-10 minutes before school begins and should be picked up promptly at 2:00 PM.
  • Dress Code

     - Dress code will consist of any solid color classic polo shirt or oxford shirts (long or short sleeve) with modest khaki, navy, black, gray, or brown solid pants or capris, knee-length shorts, skirts, or jumpers. Shoe color and style is left to the parent's discretion.
  • Lunch

     - All students should bring a healthy snack to class, along with a water bottle. Students should bring a sack lunch and drink. Please note that microwaves will not be available to heat lunch items.
  • ITBS Testing

     - Veritas will offer ITBS standardized testing in the spring.
  • Transcripts

     - High school students (grades 9-12) will be provided a transcript upon request. Students in Grades 1-8 will be given a report card at the end of each semester.